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PostSubject: TW GUIDE READZZ   TW GUIDE READZZ EmptySun Sep 05, 2010 1:15 pm

Rapid Fire Tower

Range of aggression = 35 meters

Range of attack = 30 meters

Damage = Player level x 10

Attack speed = 1.5 seconds

Effect = Single target damage

this is the first tower option to build. always chose this one for it attacks 6 times faster than the stun tower idiots :@ .

Archers: I want you in air all times, yakuza have so many venos they send nix and run in air.
our archers 1-2 shot their venos so this will make it much easier for our memebers not do die coz gay nix

Wizzards: stay on ground and hope ayla show up for tw

Calvin,Titeo,Mountain,SkullCrusher ( incase calvin not on , xuanback should cata)

Once you enter get cata and rush thru lance c Directly to their Crystal no need to wait.

Hung give someone money to build towers in middle area and the towers arround our castel

make sure its option 1 in middle towers and front towers, it will make them die so fast and qq

its really simple, we zerk them before they zerg us = we win 100%

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